For those with Scleroderma, the damage to the skin is the least of your concerns.  It’s the damage to the blood vessels and internal organs that is scary.  What you are about to learn is how the frequency of the attacks of scleroderma, or any of the autoimmune diseases, can be decreased, which has the potential to slow down or limit the damage to your body.
Having spent 23 years in practice, spending over 500 hours in postgraduate studies for classes in chiropractic neurology and functional endocrinology, is what gives me the insight as to what can be done to help people who are suffering with Scleroderma.

When your immune system continues to attack your body, as in scleroderma, a great deal of damage can occur.  Your blood vessels, kidneys, lungs and heart can all end up with extensive damage, which can lead to death.  Besides the drugs to treat scleroderma, you may also be receiving medication for those areas attacked by the disease.  Perhaps you are taking pills to reduce heartburn, to increase blood flow to the extremities, medications to make it easier for you to breath, or possibly blood pressure medication due to damage to the kidney.  Are there side effects with the drugs?  Of course there are, but if your body continues to attack itself, what else are you going to do?

Due to the potential severity of the disease, it’s only natural for you and your family to be concerned.  Anything that can be done to decrease the chance of further damage should be investigated.  The purpose of this website is exactly that.  It’s to let you know that with proper testing and evaluation, you can learn what types of changes in diet, as well as what types of nutritional support can be offered that has the potential to slow down the attacks on your body.  The good news is that with this approach, there are no side effects.  Unlike medications, this type of care does not lower your overall immunity!  It is not a promise, or even a suggestion of a cure.  At the present time, there are unfortunately no cures for people with autoimmune conditions.  There is only the hope that the autoimmune conditions can be decreased in their frequency of flare ups.  With the right testing and analysis, it can be done.  The care I am referring to is not a cook book approach.  Your specific test results will dictate your specific care.  It is unique for each individual.  Your job is to find out anything that can be done to slow down the attacks and decrease further damage to your body.

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