Multiple Sclerosis

Depending upon the severity of your Multiple Sclerosis, it could be ruining your life.  Any areas of numbness in the body that you are experiencing are a minimal annoyance compared to any weaknesses, visual problems, pain, or coordination problems that you may be experiencing.  Your doctor is telling you that your only option is to take medications, but you actually do have another option.  This option is safe and involves no side effects that are often seen with medications.  Unlike medications, this type of care does not lower your overall immunity!  It is not a cure, but rather a means to help decrease the frequency of attacks by the immune system on the nerve system.
Having spent over 500 hours of postgraduate class time studying functional endocrinology and chiropractic neurology is what allows me to help those people who have not been helped by others.  There are millions of people who suffer with the same diagnosis, however each person has their own separate, distinct body chemistry imbalances and neurological compromises.  I create a unique, specific approach for each patient in order to meet their specific needs.  Specific types of testing are available that will allow me to find out specifically what can be done to modulate the immune system in order to decrease the frequency of attacks that the immune system conducts on your brain & nerve system.  The less number of attacks by the immune system, the less the damage will be done to your body.  Unlike medications, this type of care does not lower your overall immunity!

It’s only natural that you have concerns over whether or not you will get worse or better.  “Will the drugs I am taking help, make it worse, and what about the side effects of the drugs on my body” are all common concerns of people dealing with autoimmune conditions.

Can the nutritional support I offer have an effect on the symptoms associated with MS? Yes.  Can we run tests to determine what foods may be increasing your immune system’s attack on your body?  Yes.  Is there much more than I can explain on this website?  Of course there is and that is why I am offering a free consultation.  The reason you are given an opportunity for a free consultation is for you to learn more about this approach, ask all of your questions, so that you can decide if it this type of approach has potential benefits for you.  Call the office today at (586) 726-9860 to schedule your free consultation.