Lupus could be ruining your life, but what other options do you have other than taking medications?  Depending upon the severity of your condition it can attack different parts of the body including the skin, the joints of the body, heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys.  Hopefully it is not attacking vital organs, but you, your family members, and your friends, are all very concerned that it could happen.  Yes, there are drugs you can take, but perhaps they are not providing you with all of the help you need.  Many people are concerned with the side effects of the different medications, but what else are you to do?  You know that you need to be careful in the sun and wear protective clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen whenever possible, but there has to be more that you can do.  Hopefully in the future there will be a drug that will stop the suffering and offer no side effects, but for now the question remains, “What else can be done?”
I have spent well over 500 hours of postgraduate class time studying functional endocrinology and chiropractic neurology.  I am board eligible in chiropractic neurology, and my 23 years of experience, allows me to work with very difficult cases where other doctors have failed.  Let me share with you what I have learned through the years.  There are specific tests, which require a specific form of analysis, that can help with decreasing the frequency of flare ups that occur with autoimmune conditions, including the different types of Lupus.  Is it a cure?  NO.  There are no cures, but your goal with Lupus, or any autoimmune condition is to decrease the frequency of flare ups so that your immune system does not continue to destroy your body.

What if through proper testing we found that there are certain foods in your diet that are increasing the rate of flare ups?  Could avoiding those foods make a change in your condition?  What if we could evaluate the organs and glands of the body to see which of them could benefit from nutritional support?  Anything that we can do to either increase the function of your body is a benefit.  Anything that we can do to balance out your immune system that would lead to a decrease in the frequency of autoimmune attacks would be a blessing.  Whether it’s removing the foods that are damaging your body, or increasing the necessary nutrition to support proper glandular and organ function, it can all be beneficial.  To what degree, we won’t know until we run the proper tests, offer the necessary support, and then retest.  Hypothetically speaking, what if your condition improved by 20%, 40%, or 60%?  Would that be a victory?  I have had people respond much better than that, but everyone is different.

I can’t make any promises to you regarding how you will respond.  I can only tell you that there is much more that can be looked at when it comes to offering people with autoimmune conditions an opportunity to slow down your immune system’s attack on your body, without the side effects that are seen with medications.  Unlike medications, this type of care does not lower your overall immunity!  If you would like further information, you can call the office and schedule a free consultation to learn more about what can be done.  Call the office at (586) 726-9860