When small, bulging sacs develop along the inner lining of the intestine known as diverticulosis, become infected or inflamed, it is known as diverticulitis. Traditional medical care, when no complications are present, usually involves antibiotics. However, it is possible to have serious complications including perforation of the intestinal wall which would require immediate hospitalization and surgery. Pain usually occurs in the abdominal area, more often than not, on the left side. The question remains. Can anything be done to take a proactive role in offering the necessary nutritional support to the intestinal tract?

With any damage to the intestinal tract, proper nutrition is required, along with the necessary nutritional supplements, to support healing and proper growth of the intestinal wall. Testing to evaluate if the gastrointestinal tract has proper levels of “friendly” bacteria can be beneficial. It is also important to determine if any “unfriendly” bacteria, fungus, or parasites exist in the gastrointestinal tract. Nutritional support can be provided to create a healthier environment in the gastrointestinal tract by providing an environment for “friendly” bacteria to thrive and “unfriendly” bacteria, fungus, and parasites to diminish.

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